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Car Guide

Trade and Retail valuations price guide for cars

Glass’s Car Guide gives you 12 years of residual values for cars. Known in the trade as the ‘industry bible’, the GlassGuide is a stable reference tool for anyone trading or pricing used cars.

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  • Easy to use reference price guide for Trade and Retail car valuations
  • Insightful market trend and editorial reflecting supply and demand of used cars and how this affects residual values so you always know what’s going on in the automotive landscape each month
  • Understand unique model identifiers, such as registration and introduction dates, to help you correctly identify and value as accurately as possible


  • 12 year rolling residual value data for cars
  • Updated monthly
  • Trade value movement indicator
  • Model description
  • Date of registration
  • Month and year of introduction
  • Insurance and mileage ratings
  • Average mileage and adjustment tables
  • Trade buyer directory
  • CO2 emissions
  • Editorial and market trends
  • Manufacturer specific market intelligence
  • Underwrite directories
  • Important modifications and dating features
  • Limited and special editions
  • GlassCode


  • Glass’s Trade
  • Retail Asking
  • Grade Hi
  • Grade Av
  • Grade Lo
  • Cost New