Caravan Guide

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Caravan Guide

Trade and Retail valuations price guide for caravans

Glass’s Caravan Guide is the unrivalled industry benchmark for new and used residual values covering: touring caravans, holiday homes, park homes and motor caravans. The Caravan Guide provides you with the expertise and accuracy needed to ensure profitable business decision-making.


  • Easy to use reference price guide for Trade and Retail caravan valuations
  • Insightful automotive market trend and editorial reflecting supply and demand of used caravans and how this affects residual values
  • Understand unique model identifiers, such as registration and introduction dates, to help you correctly identify and value as accurately as possible


  • 16 year rolling residual value data for caravans
  • Updated and sent every January, April, July and October
  • Model description
  • Date of registration for all motor caravans
  • Average mileage for all motor caravans
  • Month/year of introduction for all motor caravans
  • Date of introduction and modification
  • Length (ft)
  • Weight (tonnes)
  • CC for motor caravans
  • Berths (sleeps) layout reference
  • Editorial and market trends (click here to see example editorial content)
  • Manufacturer specific market intelligence
  • Dating features/abbreviations
  • Conversion factors
  • Manufacturer details
  • GlassCode


  • Glass’s Trade
  • Retail Transacted
  • Cost New