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The complete view of your vehicle’s costs

CarCostExpert is an easy to use online application that gives you detailed information on a vehicle’s total cost of ownership (TCO).  Regularly updated with the latest data and allowing you to make bespoke analyses, it helps you to make better decisions at every stage of the vehicle’s lifecycle.


  • Neutral and independent TCO analysis
  • Easy to use with fast delivery of results
  • Helps you to make better purchase decisions
  • Helps you to find a better remarketing price or manage extras to compensate for a high TCO
  • The simulator helps you design a more competitive car
  • Unrivalled depth of data allowing you to drill-down to the individual part cost
  • Data is regularly updated so you can be confident in your results
  • Personalise your search filers right down to trim level
  • Choose which vehicle you want to compare against as your benchmark
  • Compare between multiple mileage/ age combinations in one basket
  • Save your baskets to relook at or refresh, and export your results


  • Provides information on Total Cost of Ownership for specific models
  • Gives a detailed breakdown of all cost elements down to spare part level
  • Takes into consideration all relevant TCO cost-drivers such as depreciation, financing, fuel consumption, insurance, service & repair, etc.
  • Request specific TCO analyses such as time period, mileage per year etc.
  • Enables vehicle simulations with the ability to edit the data
  • Let you compare between countries, vehicles and mileage/age combinations in one basket
  • Choose between 300 mileage/ age combinations
  • Compare models under 6 months old against their predecessor
  • Covers France, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium
  • Additional Equipment Module available
  • Optional Maintenance Module available


  • Contains both standard and optional equipment
  • Has an equipment equalisation function
  • Personalise the information displayed (all, standard, optional, standard incl. chosen optional equipment)
  • Automatically updates the net price within the calculation module when adding optional equipment
  • Switch between currencies – euros to pounds
  • Automatically switches from km to miles


  • Contains service plans, additional service tasks and wear parts of all intervals
  • Simulation (overwriting) function for service plans and additional service tasks such as
    • Parts
    • Parts quantity
    • Parts prices
    • Labour times
    • Intervals
  • Automatically updates the calculation module when creating various simulations in the maintenance module
  • Switch between currencies – euros to pounds
  • Automatically switches from km to miles