Identify and specify vehicles

Identifying and specifying vehicles

With over 36,000 vehicle models in the used UK car market, identifying an exact vehicle is crucial to managing it across its entire life cycle; From pricing, valuing, finding the exact specifications, equipment, knowing the technical specifications and the repairing and servicing of a vehicle. 

At the core of all our products is our identification data which allows you to systematically identify any vehicle using make, model, engine, body style, age of registration, and much more, providing you with a unique vehicle code.

Our specification data gives you fast access to information about standard and optional equipment on cars.  It can also be used to power configurators, quotation systems and web applications among others.

Not only do we embed this data into many of our products, our raw data can be used to support your internal systems, products and online applications providing you with accurate and reliable information on which to base your business decisions.


We have a comprehensive database identifying the myriads of models and derivatives in the market today. We use a series of data providers linking the Vehicle Registration Mark to our Glass’s model codes.