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Market Value Assessor

Settle claims quicker and more efficiently

The fastest and most comprehensive vehicle valuation, total loss and claims settlement tool for Insurers, Assessors, Accident Management companies and Bodyshops.

Market Value Assessor gives you quick access to up to 24 months of historical and current vehicle valuation data for over 65,000 vehicles, including Cars, Vans and Motorcycles.

Each valuation can be adjusted for mileage, pre-accident damage and extra options to give a truly accurate value at the point of loss.

In addition, Market Value Assessor enhances the total loss management process throughout the entire supply chain by allowing annotated image and pdf uploads and vehicle case transfer to key stakeholders.

The inclusion of over 250,000 live dealer classified adverts also helps the claims settlement process by offering a clear transparent negotiation point which in turn reduces dispute costs.

Add the Repair Estimate module to your MVA subscription for fast, efficient and accurate repair estimating.

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We do not provide one off valuations to private sellers or individuals. The details submitted on this form will be used to determine if you work for a business in the automotive industry. If you do not, you will not be set up with a trial. If you think we will not be able to identify your business from these details please call us to arrange a trial on 020 3897 2500.


  • Up to 24 months historic vehicle valuation data with valuation, specification and standard fit data included for over 65,000 vehicles, including cars, vans and motorcycles.
  • Use the vehicle registration lookup, vehicle search tree or Glass Code to quickly and correctly identify a vehicle.
  • Over 250,000 live quality checked dealer classified adverts to support the settlement negotiation / offer process and reduce additional cost.
  • Adjust your vehicle valuations to include mileage, pre-accident damage and extra options to give a more accurate researched settlement value.
  • Total Loss indication based on repair cost and valuation ratio settings allow for quicker decision making.
  • Vehicle case images, notes and attachments allow for quicker total loss assessment and triage processing.
  • Vehicle case transferring allows quicker communication, improved transparency and decision making for all key stakeholders.
  • Individual vehicle linked labour rates and user entered “list price” data on selected light damage items allow improved more accurate pre-accident damage calculations.
  • Vehicle history check functionality to identify outstanding finance, insurance and No. of owners etc and reduce risk.*
  • Fully customisable system setting and permission based interface for easy profile and user management.
  • Bespoke PDF report templates for clear and transparent communication for all key stakeholders.
  • Bespoke MI report tool to improve KPIs and document vehicle valuation processing.
  • XML export functionality for system integration purposes.


  • Retail Transacted – A typical achieved price based on a calculation applied to the observed Retail Asking price.
  • Retail Asking – The typical advertised price, based on up to 4 million retail asking observations a year.
  • Average Advert Price – An average price that is calculated from live classified adverts selected by the user for market research.
  • Glass’s Trade – Unlike Hi, Av and Lo, Glass’s Trade value is a typical wholesale price that reflects steady degradation of condition in line with mileage and age.
  • Cost New – The Cost New is defined as the delivered price comprised of the list price, VAT and delivery charge.
  • Grade Hi – The typical value of cars that would benefit from slight cosmetic work in line with higher auction grades.
  • Grade Av – The typical value of cars that would benefit from a significant amount of cosmetic work and bodyshop attention in line with mid-auction grade.
  • Grade Lo – The typical value of cars that would benefit from a significant amount of cosmetic and bodyshop attention but also a single major repair, in line with the lower auction grade.
  • Grade Disposal – Reflects a trade sale for a van or chassis in an unprepared condition primarily coming from a fleet source. These vehicles will typically require a significant amount of cosmetic work to them up to retail condition, yet must still be presented to a standard that reasonably meets the requirements of roadworthiness. For hard used vehicles where the condition falls well below this standard, an adjustment will have to be applied to the Disposal value.
  • Private Sale – This value represents the typical transaction price for a car in ‘private to private’ sale.

*For full valuation definition please contact

*You must have an account set up with Experian and / or HPI to access this data