Estimate and manage repairs

Estimate and manage repairs and process claims

Our tools help you manage every stage of the claims and repair process from valuation and authorisation through to the disposal of total loss vehicles. 

We know that accurately estimating and then repairing a vehicle quickly can make all the difference in terms of profit or loss, so we help you to identify and value vehicles quickly, correctly and provide you with manufacturer repair times and parts prices. These are augmented with additional manufacturer information to give you a comprehensive tool.

From a claims processing perspective, we know it is important that claims costs are consistent, cost-effective and you are able to process them quickly and efficiently. Our communications platforms also enable you to automatically authorise straight-forward claims, freeing your engineers to be able to spend time only looking at those vehicles where their expertise and knowledge is required.


We provide you with manufaturer repair times and methods. We augment these with additional manufacturer information to give you a comprehensive tool to accurately assess vehicle repair costs.


We have a comprehensive database identifying the myriads of models and derivatives on the market today. We use a series of data providers linking the Vehicle Registration Mark to our Glass’s model codes enabling us to precisely identify each model, its parts’ numbers and repair information.

Our valuation data is based on 120,000 auction and 150,000 retail observations a month. These are fed through a statistical model to provide highly accurate trade and retail values that are independent of each other.