Glass’s new recruits set to drive innovation and insight


02 May 2018, News

Anthony Machin joins from Groupe Renault as Head of Content
Anthony Machin is Glass's Head of Content

The Head of Content role, created to replace the more traditional Head of Valuations role, is designed to pull our unique and market leading data, insights and experience under one lead. Data coverage and valuation accuracy are key elements of the role, with added focus on the insights that can be gleaned from our unrivalled data stores and the benefits that we can deliver to customers.

Anthony is looking forward to bringing his experience to the team: “Glass’s have offered me the opportunity to make a real difference, not just to our business, but our customers’ businesses. We are uniquely positioned - with access to swathes of data from the UK and Europe and decades of experience in our editorial team - to deliver accurate data and valuations, and truly unparalleled insights to our market.”

 “Not only do we produce accurate trade values from real world auction observations, and remain the only provider to publish our accuracy each month, but we also pioneered ‘Live Retail Pricing’ and won awards for doing so back in 2012,” continues Anthony. “Combine this with a team of editors whose experience means they know the market inside out, and it’s a tough proposition to match.”

Sally Wilson, UK Country Manager, is delighted with Anthony’s appointment. “Glass’s reputation and working environment allows us to hire the best in the business,” says Sally. “Anthony is a prime example of that. With over 20 years’ experience in the sector working for the likes of BCA, Volkswagen, Honda and Jaguar Land Rover, Anthony will bring a fresh yet knowledgeable approach to how we do business. In previous years we’ve never truly tapped into the goldmine of information at our fingertips. That is about to change.”

“We really are seeing a step change,” Sally Wilson, UK Country Manager, says. “Customers are realising they don’t need to be bound by a single supplier or code any more. There really is a choice, and those who can choose, are choosing Glass’s.”

Jonathan Dolden set to bring fresh approach to product development

Jonathan Dolden is Glass's Head of Product

For the role of Head of Product, Glass’s hired from outside of the industry for a reason; Jonathan’s experience at the FT, Orange, Quadriga and Thomson Reuters provides a big picture view of the world of product development; his appointment gives Glass’s strategic direction for the delivery, use and integration of Glass’s data.

Jonathan joins Glass’s at an exciting time and is looking forward to the opportunities ahead: “In my short time with the company I have already noticed that there is a real appetite for change in the industry. Companies want to be more data agnostic so they have more choice about who they work with. Glass’s is uniquely positioned to capitalise on this.”

Jonathan points out that it’s not just data integration; off-the-shelf products are a key focus too, “As a truly European business we are moving towards a single data platform across the Group. While that is some way off, we are already on course to deliver an overhaul of our UK valuation platform, GlassNet, this year. We will be able to offer customers access to an unrivalled breadth and depth of data in the UK covering valuations, both trade and live retail, crash repair, specification and forecast data across all of the vehicle sets that we value – cars, commercial vehicles, motor cycles and caravans. We’re already in a period of substantial development and innovation.”

Sally agrees and believes that Jonathan is exactly right for the role and that his appointment is great news for customers: “Jonathan’s appointment shows we’re not afraid to be bold. His experience, expertise and vision will set us apart. Smaller customers will benefit from improved systems while larger organisations will find it easier than ever to switch to Glass’s; Jonathan and his team have developed migration tool kits to aid transition and our Technical Account Managers are on hand at every step.”

“We really are seeing a step change,” adds Sally. “Customers are realising they don’t need to be bound by a single supplier or code any more. There really is a choice, and those who can choose, are choosing Glass’s.”


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