Green Car Parts


28 Jun 2018, Blog Post

Not always green in colour, these parts are recognised as being an affordable and sustainable source of original manufacturer parts (OEM). The parts are from cars progressing through the dismantling and recycling process at the cars end of life or following a crash.

Why choose green car parts?

The main reason for choosing green car parts is cost. The prices for some parts can be up to 90% less than sourcing a new OEM part with a choice of suppliers covering most car brands available in the UK. The profusion of green parts available includes parts for brands that have ceased officially importing into the UK such as Chevrolet and Lancia.

 Are green parts safe to use?

Cost may be a key driver for purchasing a green part, however, customers, are still concerned over whether the parts in question are fit for purpose. They are after all second hand and potentially from crashed vehicles.

There are significant steps being taken to allay fears in this area by the UK Motor Vehicle Dismantlers’ Association (MVDA) who are adopting and promoting the Automotive Recyclers Association of America (ARA) Parts Standards. The ARA parts standard helped the use of green parts to become accepted by the American insurance repair industry and the MVDA wants to replicate this success in the UK.

The ARA parts standard offers industry participants the opportunity to limit the number of variables associated with the use of recycled parts in order to increase their acceptance and use. The parts standard is intended to suggest performance standards for all parties involved in the trade and use of recycled parts. The goal is that, through the definition of standards more parts will be included in repair estimates and purchased by buyers.

Additionally, the MVDA are promoting the adoption of BSI PAS777 for the qualification and labelling of used engines and related transmission units.

 Green parts for green cars

Green part suppliers undertake strenuous quality tests to ensure parts are fit for the needs of users. Suppliers rigorously inspect the parts during the recycling process and log to ensure customers receive quality OEM parts. It is here that Glass’s data aids green part suppliers with our full coverage of UK car and light commercial vehicle parts. Glass’s data includes part numbers and drawings of each available part to help green part suppliers correctly remove, log and stock parts ready for customer orders.

The automotive industry is developing in different ways whilst simultaneously delivering enhancements to vehicles making them more efficient and easier to recycle at end of life. “The adoption of green parts will continue to grow in the coming years as parts buyers and insurance companies look to new lower cost trustworthy parts sources” says Anthony Machin Head of Content at Glass’s Information Systems.