Is there a place for lower powered exotica?

Andy Cutler

17 Feb 2018, Blog Post

There is a lot of talk and much agreement that unless owners of fast cars take them onto a track for the day, it is getting more and more difficult to find anywhere to have a little fun in a safe and legal environment. Exotic supercars are benefitting from new technologies and are getting increasingly faster, almost to the point where the only place to enjoy all of this power is on a track.

So, is there a place for the most famous and exotic brands, such as Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren, to develop smaller, nimbler machines that deliver less power but produce just as much fun? They are likely to be more accessible and easily enjoyed by the general population. And you could argue that Porsche already do this very well with their Boxster and Cayman models.

There is an argument that one of the most fun cars to drive produced in recent years was the joint effort from Toyota and Subaru with the GT86 and BRZ respectively. They both have around 200bhp and 0-62 times between 7-8 seconds, so in the modern era not the fastest cars around. However, the chassis and steering set-up on both is superb, which makes them a lot of fun to drive.  This allows drivers, where it is safe to do so, to drive closer to the limit than it is possible to do in cars that can go 200mph. Looking at Glass’s trade values for these it is clear that a decent example of either will fetch over 50% of its original price at 3 years of age with average mileage, which underlines the popularity of these models.

Toyota GT86The Toyota GT86 enjoys strong residual values

Is it possible that any of the top exotic brands will ever be brave enough to release a cheaper, less powerful version of their supercars to rival Porsche? If they did, what would it do to their brand strength and exotic appeal?  If Porsche is anything to go by, the answer would not be negative.

There is a suggestion that the Ferraris and Lamborghinis of this world are obsessed with power, and rightly so, as they want to showcase what they are capable of.  However, they forget that the majority of car drivers and owners will never get the opportunity to try one of their products, which is one of the reasons why they are so sought after in the used market. What if they produced a very limited run of something quite special, yet affordable, and dipped a toe into the water?  That would be sure to put a smile on the faces of petrol heads everywhere.

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Andy CutlerUK Car Editor, Forecast Values

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