November 2017 Motorcycle Market Update

Paul McDonald

11 Dec 2017, Blog Post

Analysis from recent dealer visits combined with completed surveys, indicated that 44% of dealers felt sales were broadly in line with those of last year, 40% said they were not so good and 16% experienced a growth.  In what has been an overall impressive year in terms of used sales, these results appear a little disappointing.  However, some dealers said that October 2016 was an exceptional month and 2017 was always likely to be quieter.  Others reported that demand was there but sales had suffered due to poor stock levels.  A few fed back that the downturn was a result of slower new sales generating less part exchanges and believed that had they had more stock, sales would have been more impressive.  Availability does appear then to be having some ramifications on the market in terms of sales.  It was also suggested that dealer sales may have declined due to an increase in private sellers.  However, as always, it wasn’t all bad news with a number reporting strong sales and some have been selling additional brands this year.

Stock availability was reported to be slightly worse overall with 44% of respondents confirming lower levels, 41% felt they were broadly the same, whilst 16% witnessed an improvement.  As a result of a decline in part exchanges, some dealers stated they plan to be more proactive next year in terms of sourcing stock.  However, some reported that part exchanges remain healthy and can still rely on these as their primary supply.  The issue remains though that there is a general shortfall of quality stock in the market.

Despite availability continuing to be difficult, 38% of dealers held the view that their own stock levels had improved over last year, 34% felt they were broadly in line and 28% said they were not so good.   A healthy 56% stated their stock levels were about correct, 35% were of the opinion they were too low and 9% believed they were too high.

Taking into account the time of year with winter arriving, a modest ease has been applied across much of the guide, except where trade feedback and evidence from the market place has indicated other adjustments where necessary.  Glass’s would like to wish all our customers and contacts a great Christmas and prosperous New Year!

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Paul McDonald

Paul McDonaldLeisure Editor

Paul has worked for Glass's since 2001 in various customer and vehicle valuation orientated roles, before becoming Leisure Editor just over a year ago. In his current role, he's responsible for keeping up to date with conditions and trends in the Motorcycle and Touring Caravan markets so we can provide accurate and reliable values to our subscribers. This means he's out and about a lot visiting dealers, manufacturers and auctions as well as analysing observation data.