Our Data

In 1933, we first defined residual valuations. And in 2012, we launched a new innovative valuation methodology, powered by up to 8 million retail and 1.4 million trade market observations every year to give best in class valuations to our customers that mirror the forever changing automotive landscape.

Find out what goes into our Trade valuations and how accurate they are.

At the core of our entire range of business tools is our statistical data systems and teams of analysts, who each month, glean business critical insights based on what real market data is telling us.

Our data covers the entire automotive lifecycle meaning we can provide customers with class leading Identification, Specification, Valuation and Technical data. We are also able to provide cross reference files so that our data model codes can be mapped to alternative codes you might currently use with relative ease.

How we gather our data

We have a comprehensive database identifying the myriads of models and derivatives in the market today. We use a series of data providers linking the Vehicle Registration Mark to our Glass’s model codes enabling us to precisely identify each model, its parts’ numbers and repair information.

Our valuation data is based on up to 1.2 million trade observations and up to 4 million retail observations each year. These are fed through a statistical model to provide highly accurate trade and retail values that are independent of each other.