Browser and Operating System support

Making things work faster for you.

For years we have endeavoured to support all of our PC based products on as many web browsers and operating systems as possible. In today’s fast-paced world of auto-updates and monthly releases this is not sustainable. So, from 1st January 2016 we will only support the latest versions of common web browsers and operating systems.

This does not mean that all our products will suddenly stop working on older browsers and systems, most will continue to function as normal.

What does it mean?

That we will no longer test product releases and updates, installations, functionality or features on any of the operating systems not mentioned below.

Supported Browsers from 1st January 2016

Google Chrome – latest version and the three previous versions.

Google Chrome usually automatically updates, but you can find out which version of Google Chrome you are using here.

Internet Explorer – Edge, IE11, IE10, IE9, IE8

Find out which version of Internet Explorer you are using here.

Mozilla Firefox – latest version and the three previous versions.

Find out which version of Firefox you are using here.

Unsupported browsers including Safari, Opera, Dooble and Avant.

We do not officially support any of these browsers, though our products are still likely to work perfectly in them. If you are using any of these on a Mac you can still install and use any of the above supported browsers.

Supported Operating Systems from 1st January 2016

Windows – 7, 8 and 10 only

Find out which version of Windows you are running.

Which products are affected?

PC Applications (all DVD or CD based)





Company Car Tax

Browser based applications

GlassNet (incl GlassNet Radar)

Market Value Assessor


Why are we doing this?

To create better products for you. Ensuring our products work across hundreds of browser and operating system combinations not only takes a lot of time, but more importantly, prevents us from releasing features that take advantage of newer technologies supported by the latest versions. This impacts the user experience for the majority of our customers who are on the latest systems.

We’ve done our homework

The vast majority of our customers will not be affected by this change – most people use the latest versions as standard as they offer the fastest speed, best experience and newest features. If you think you might fall into the minority, the details above will let you know how you can join those who are experiencing the web and our products in the best possible way. There’s no reason not to be using the latest browsers and operating systems as they tend to cost nothing and offer the best experience of the web.

What if I don’t update my browser or operating system?

If you don’t wish to update then our products will probably still work perfectly, though we can’t guarantee that will be the case in the future and we may be unable to support you if you have any issues. Of course we will try – you can contact us on 020 3897 2550 or at – but it may be outside of our control.